We lead the industry in choices and quality in this category. We offer general-purpose high-performance machines from economy machine up to world-class innovative high-speed machines for narrow straps. 

- Economy machine for wide P.P. straps
- The Most Cost Effective solution for wide straps general application

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TP-601D Tauris

- Enhanced machine for wide P.P. straps
- The Most Powerful Machine in its class!
- An enhanced automatic strapping machine for 8 mm-12 mm strap

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TP-702 Mercury

- High-speed world-class machine
- A world-class innovative machine with speed up to 65 straps per minute

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TP-702P Mercury

- High-speed world-class machine with dual press bar
- Mercury TP-702P (with dual press) is ideal to strap compressible material such as corrugated papers, paper sheets, plastic sheets, bags, etc.

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TP-702RS Mercury

- High-speed world-class machine for small or round package
- Mercury TP-702RS is suitable for small or round packages of plastic pipes, steel rod, hardwood, etc. It can strap packages as small as 40 mm(W) x 10 mm(H) or round package as small as Ø32 mm x 2 pieces. The TP-702RS strapping machine provides reliable high speed performance for small or round package applications.

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All products are well made by our own ISO 9001 certified factory in Taiwan, with PRIDE.