N-AC Accumulating Conveyor

N-AC is an accumulating conveyor designed for bundle buffering. It can be easily connected with upstream stacker and downstream strapper for bundle accumulating and transporting.

Main Features

Photo-eye control
Siemens PLC control
Adjustable table height (800 – 900 mm)
Variable conveyor speed
Upstream and downstream interlocks with complete plug connection

Technical Data

Conveyor Speed  10-60 M/minute
Bundle Size  Width       Length      Height
max. 450 mm  max. 450 mm  max. 400 mm
min.  100 mm  min.  120 mm  min.   5 mm
Electrical Requirements  220V, 380V, 400V 50/60Hz 3PH
Net Weight  100 kg

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All products are well made by our own ISO 9001 certified factory in Taiwan, with PRIDE.