Kronos H-46 Battery powered strapping tool

For PET and heavy duty PP plastic strapping
powered strapping tool

Available in 2 versions

tension up to 2500N (for 12 and 16 mm strap)

tension up to 4000N (for 16 and 19 mm strap)

Main Features

Kronos H-46 Digital touch panel that shows battery power level – operation modes – tension force – sealing time – cycle counter – error codes
3 operation modes: manual/semiautomatic/automatic + soft mode
Friction Weld Sealing
BOSCH 18 V 4 Ah battery

More Features

Brushless DC motor
High Speed
Ergonomic design, work mode with one hand only
Well-balanced structure makes operation easy and effortless
Stand-by energy saving mode


Suspension bracket
Bottom base wearing protection plate

For All Kinds of Flat Packages

Technical Data

Technical Data

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All products are well made by our own ISO 9001 certified factory in Taiwan, with PRIDE.