Strapping Tools

The product line includes Tensioner, Sealer, Combination Tool, and Strap Dispenser.

Strapping Machine

We offer general-purpose high-performance machines from economy machine up to world-class innovative high-speed machines for narrow straps. 

Strapping Machine

With the user friendly and state-of-the-art design, these machines provide excellent performance, easy operation, and low maintenance.

Semi Automatic
Strapping Machine

For low to medium volume strapping, our Semi-Auto strapping machine is your best choice.

Fully Automatic
Strapping Machine

If you are looking for fully automatic strapping
achines which offer high reliability and performance, these machines deliver everything you want. 

Stainless steel frame

They are applicable in moist and harsh working environment such as meat and poultry processing plants and also marine food industry. 

Printed Media
Strapping Machine

Fully automatic strapping machines, designed specifically for the newspaper industry, They are particularly suitable for the packaging of newspapers, magazines and commercial

Corrugated Strapper

High performance strapping machine designed for the corrugated industry. It offers the high strapping productivity with the cost-effective solution.