Full 140 Planet Wall Semi Automatic

Version for wall mounting
Microprocessor control with touch screen panel to program, memproze and choose the wrapping cycles. Possibility to program and personalize up to 99 wrapping programs

Technical features

Available with four types of spool carriages:
- MB: mechanical film brake, manually adjustable
- EB: electromagnetic film brake adjustable from control panel
- PPS: motorized pre-stretch with interchangeable gears for 150%, 200% and 250% rations.
- PPS2: dual-motor pre-stretch system with pre-stretch ratio adjustable from 50% to 400%.

Max. load dimensions 1000x1200 mm.
Max. load capacity: unlimited.
Automatic pallet height detection by electric eye
Wrapping height up to 2000mm.
Alarms indicator
Keyboard lockout

Parameter setting and functions

Rotary arm speed.
Separate setting of spool carriage speed during upwards and downwards movement of film carriage.
Separate setting of top and bottom wraps
Delay of pallet height detecting electric eye.
Separate film tension setting during upwards and downwards movement of film carriage
Separate setting of pre-stretch ratio during upward and downwards movement of spool carriage (for PPS2 only).
Setting of reinforcement wraps at a pre-set height.
Start of wrapping cycle at a pre-set height.
Automatic film cutting ON/OFF
Selection of wrapping cycle:
- Upwards and downwards wrapping
- Wrapping only upwards or downwards
- Wrapping cycle with top sheet.