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Cookie Policy

Cookies are data saved in text form (example: “dataAccesso = 2023-05-20,12: 47”) used by the site that generated them to provide services related to navigation. We are very careful about the privacy of our visitors, use quality software and the minimum possible use of cookies.

Technical cookies
This site uses technical cookies that are used for the use, management and maintenance of the site.

Cookie per statistiche
Questo sito non utilizza cookie per gestire le statistiche dei visitatori

Third-party and profiling cookies
Some parts of the site have integrations with Third Party sites. These functions are initially disabled,only by providing consent to their use can you access them. By denying consent to the use of their cookies, you can continue to view the site in a limited version..

  • YouTube videos– to show videos in “privacy” mode nocookie
    CONSENT – Detect if the visitor has accepted the view This cookie is necessary for GDPR compliance of the website. Term: 2 years
    VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE – YouTube Try estimating the speed of the user’s connection on pages with embedded YouTube videos. Term: 179 days
    YSC – YouTube Register a unique ID for statistics Term: session
    YT – YouTube Register a unique ID for statistics Term: persistent
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Enable / disable and delete cookies via browser
Several browsers provide methods for blocking and deleting cookies used by websites. The links to their support documents for managing and deleting cookies are listed below: Google Chrome Apple Safari Mozilla Firefox; – Microsoft Edge. If you are using any other web browser, please visit your browser’s official support documents.

Privacy Policy

No data we collect is shared with others.
We are available for any doubt, request for verification or data cancellation.

Data controller and conservation manager
Full Strap s.r.l.

Data that can be collected
1. mail sent to the contacts on the site
2. IP addresses that allow navigation statistics to be made or to block unwanted access. The IP addresses are not aggregated with other data and do not allow us to trace any data concerning privacy
3. any requests sent by the site visitor via a communication “form”

Why they are collected
1. to allow us to communicate
2. for security reasons and statistics
3. to check the correct functioning of the services

Data sharing
No data received by us is disclosed

The user can request the verification, updating, integration, deletion of data and any other request required by law by contacting us.

Retention period
The statistical data are removed after 36 months and the contact data until the end of the communication or legal use if necessary. We do not archive anything for different purposes.

Access to data
This site uses an Italian hosting provided the web agency can access some technical and statistical data. e-mails and other communications are only visible to the site owner.