Full 105 Smart TP

Economic and simple machine, very easy to use, sturdy and with all performances of a more advanced machine. Ideal for those who want to use pre-stretched film or coreless spools.

Microprocessor control with digital panel for the selection of the wrapping cycle and for parameters setting, with the possibility to personalize the wrapping cycle.

Machine with slotted turntable with the possibility to modify the pallet entry from right, left or front.

Technical Data

Electromagnetic film brake, manually adjustable
Slotted turntable with 1650 mm diameter
Max. load capacity 1200 kg.
Max. load dimensions 1000x1200 mm.
Electric eye for pallet height detection
Max. wrapping height 2200mm.
Soft start and stop of the turntable with rotation speed controlled by inverter
Spool carriage speed controlled by inverter with separate setting of the upwards and downwards speed
Beeper at cycle start
Emergency stop button conforming to CE-safety norms.
Reset button conforming to CE-safety norms.
Interlocking safety device under the spool carriage


Wrapping height up to 3000 mm.


Separate setting of top and bottom wraps
Adjustable turntable speed
Separate setting of upwards and downwards speed of spool carriage
Delay of pallet height sensor
Push button for manual machine operation
Pallet height detection by altimeter
Cross wrapping cycle, spool carriage upwards and downwards
Single wrapping cycle, spool carriage only upwards or downwards
Manual wrapping cycle
Top sheet wrapping program
Wrapping cycle with altimeter
Wrapping cycle with manual reinforcement wraps
Layers wrapping

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