Random case sealer with top and bottom drive belts
Random case sealer that enables the operator to seal cases of different dimensions with no manual adjustment. The cases are centered by pneumatically operated side arms and the top taping head adjusts itself to the different case heights

Main Features

Top and bottom drive belts.
Case range:
- length 170 mm. – unlimited;
- width 170 mm. - 500 mm;
- height 100 mm. - 500 mm.
Drive belts speed: 20 meters/minute.
Power supply : 230V, 50 HZ
Lexan side protections
Four 100 mm diameter heavy duty casters with brake
Emergency stop button and drive belts start/stop button.
Height of working table adjustable form 600 mm to 800 mm.
Air requirement per cycle: 3 nl at 6 bar.
Taping head TMD-101/2”, for 50 mm wide adhesive tape.
Production capacity 5 to 6 case per minute, depending of case dimensions.


- Gray RAL 7016.
- Red RAL 3020.

Technical Data

Tape core inner dia. 3’’
Speed: 20 meters/minute
Carton capacity:
- length 170 mm. – unlimited;
- width 170 mm. - 500 mm;
- width 170 mm. - 500 mm;


3’’ Tape.
Infeed roller table.
Outfeed roller table.

EXC-116 / EXC-103SDN