TP-601YA Tauris Transit (Painted steel frame)

Enhanced Fully Automatic Side-Seal strapping machine

Main Features

Automated strap loading
Electronic tension control
Strapping ring ejector, anti jamming function
Signal exchange connector for interfacing to line
Speed: 30 meters/minute
Selector switch for MANUAL, AUTOMATIC, TRANSIT operation
Selection No. strapping, 1 - 2 - N
Automatic strap blank ejection at end of coil


Siemens PLC control
Without adjustable roller table (TP-601YA-XT)
SUS 304 stainless steel frame (TP-601YAS)

Technical Data
Strap Width 8 mm-12 mm
Strap Tension 7 kg-70 kg
Speed up to 18 package/minute with one strapping
Up to 8 packs/min. with 2 strapping
Net Weight 333 kg
Electrical Requirements 220V, 380V, 400V 50/60Hz 3PH

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TP-601BP Tauris Transit with Press
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