TP-702Y Mercury (Painted steel frame)

New generation fast strapping machines, electronic tensioning, uses 5, 6, 9, 12 mm PP strapping.

- High Speed Automatic Side-Seal strapping machine.
- Strapping machine with side head, cycle speed up to 60 strapping/minute

Main Features

Automatic strapping loading
Internal coil holder
Control panel with LCD display
Strapping ring ejector, strap jamming prevention device
External reel rotation release button
Soldering blade temperature control sensor
Ejection of strap piece at the end of the coil


Light tree alarm with low strap sensor (triple lamp)
Dual press bar
Without adjustable roller table (TP-702Y-XT)


Technical Data
Strap Width 5mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, or 12 mm
Strapping thickness 0.55 mm - 0.75 mm
Strap Tension 1-32 kg (for 5 mm, 6 mm, and 9 mm) 1-45 kg (for 12 mm)
Speed up to 60 strap/minute
Net Weight 294 kg
Electrical Requirements 110V, 220V, 230V - 50/60Hz - 1PH / 220V, 380V, 400V - 50/60Hz - 3PH

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