TP-733 VTS Zelos (top seal)

TP-733VTS is ideal for general palletized products. It is also suitable for those goods with low package height thanks to the top strapping head. The top sealing design provides the highest strapping efficiency onto the packages. The easy operating SIEMENS touch panel gives simple job for operator to control and monitor the task. With quick connection to master control system, TP-733 VTS can perfectly fit every end-of-line packaging operation. Designed for simple and quick connection to the master control system, TP-733VTS can easily fit in all different end-of-line packaging sectors.

Main Features

TP-733-SH strapping head with German-made DC brushless motor technology Works with both PP and PET strap for tension force up to 320Kg Friction weld sealing technology

Siemens PLC and HMI

The floating head can equalize the tension around the package to optimize strap holding performance

The strapping head does not need to go back to home position for strap feeding. This greatly increases the efficiency on preparation time for next strap cycle

Main Features

All electric driven design. No air consumption is required
Strap end ejector
Adjustable sealing and cooling time
Adjustable speed for strapping head movement between 70 and 200 mm/sec.
Sensor and detection plate for package top detection
Dual channel emergency stop


Lower tension range (20-120 Kg)
3-color light tower with low strap sensor
Air conditioner for electric control cabinet
Uplifted support
Automatic self-adjusting strapping height for next package

Technical Data
Strap type PP or PET
Strap width 9mm, 12 mm, 15.5 mm or 19 mm
Strap core size 406 mm
Tension range 110-320 Kg (standard)
20-120 Kg (option)
Capacity Up to 63 pallets/hour
(double parallel straps)
Minimum package size 350mm(W) x 300mm(H)
Electrical requirements 220V, 380V, 400V, 415V
50/60 Hz 3PH

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