Full 150 Skill Highline

Mobile, battery powered pallet wrapper ideal for wrapping with stretch film or net, palletized loads, regardless of their shape, weight or dimensions.

Microprocessor control with touch screen panel to program, choose and memorize up to 99 wrapping cycles, Possibility to customize the rapping cycles according to user’s needs.

Technical Data

Available with four different spool carriages:
- MB: mechanical film brake, manually adjustable
- PPS: motorized pre-stretch with interchangeable gears Available stretch ratios 150%, 200% and
- EB: electromagnetic film brake adjustable from control panel
- PPS2: dual-motor pre-stretch system with pre-stretch ratio adjustable from 50% to 400%.

2 AVG batteries, 12v-110Ah, serial connected.
Integrate, high frequency battery charger
Electric eye for pallet height detection
Max wrapping height 2150 mm (options 2650 mm,and 2950 mm).
Alarms indicator.
Right and left slots for forklift transport.
Keyboard lockout
Foil consumption indicator (option for MPS-MPS2).


Rotation speed
Separate setting of upwards and downwards speed of spool carriage
Separate setting of top and bottom wraps
Delay of pallet height sensor
Separate film tension setting during upwards and downwards movement of film carriage (not available for MB).
Separate setting of pre-stretch ratio during upward and downwards movement of spool carriage (for PPS2 only).
Reinforcement turns
Automatic film cutting ON/OFF (not available for MB).
Carriage start at reset height.
Predetermined height reinforcement with the possibility of adjusting the reinforcement turns.
Cross wrapping cycle, spool carriage upwards and downwards
Single wrapping cycle – spool carriage upwards or downwards only
Wrapping cycle with top sheet.
Wrapping with dimension display.
Wrapping for large pallets.
Wrapping with predetermined height start.
Wrapping with reinforcement at predetermined height.
Wrapping starting from a point and stopping at a predetermined size.
Layers wrapping
Push button for manual machine operation

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