TP-733VLM Pollux III

TP-733VLM is your best choice for fully automatic operation in various pallet strapping applications. The enhanced TP-733VLM maximizes the productivity by applying straps consistently and accurately on the pallet load and minimizes the production cost by its high-speed and stable operation. Designed for simple and quick connection to the master control system, TP-733VLM can easily fit in all different end-of-line packaging sectors.

Main Features

TP-733-SH strapping head with German-made DC brushless motor technology. For PP and PET with tension force up to 320Kg. Friction weld sealing technology

Siemens PLC and HMI

Index strapping head that moves towards the package with stroke up to 500 mm

Modular arch

Movable strap lance

Available models

TP-733V Fixed head and closed strap track
TP-733VM Index head and closed strap track
TP-733VLM Index head and movable lance

Available arch sizes: see chart on the brochure


Floating head
Index head stroke up to 700 mm
Free standing operation desk
3 color light tower with low strap sensor
Top press (200 or 500 Kg)
HMI on the opposite side
Uplifted support

Technical Data
Strap type P.P. and PET
Strap width 9 mm, 12 mm, 15.5 mm, 19 mm
Strap core size 406 mm
Tension range 110-320 Kg (standard)
20-120 Kg (option)
Capacity Up to 72 pallets/hour (doule parallel straps)
(depends on package dimensions)
Electrical requirements 220V, 380V, 400V 50/60Hz 3PH

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